Conventional and Complementary therapies do not stop in the Clinic

For best results please drink plenty of water to aid the healing effect and rid the body of toxins – Naturally this may cause frequent visits to the toilet!

Water aids the hydration of the body and therefore assists with the conductivity of the central nervous system, the digestion process, and maintaining a state of well being

Please avoid smoking or drinking tea, coffee & alcohol –  Exercise and health lifestyle prevent recurrence of problems and limits the number of treatment sessions you need to attend.

If your therapist has given you home exercise programme to practice, please comply with the instructions carefully

You may feel emotional after treatment – It is a natural way for your body to release pent up anxieties after a state of complete relaxation

You may feel tired or have a slight headache; this is a positive sign that your body is returning to a normal state of balance

Please contact your therapist if you are concerned in any way

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