Many ancient civilizations Atlantis, Mayan, Egyptian, Indian, Hebrew and Far Eastern have used crystals for physical and emotional healing as well as divine connection in spiritual rituals.


TaurusRose Quartz
LeoTigers Eye
VirgoRed Jasper
CapricornLapis Lazuli

Crystals to live by:

Amber:      Draws disease out of the body and transforms it, ‘Mindful’ aid memory, Endocrine, spleen and heart. 2nd chakra.    Clears negativity, brings kindness and “good luck” purifying, revitalizing force of the sun and the absorptive, transmuting energy of the earth together to create a powerful tool. As it is created from fossilised tree resin it connects to past lives.

Amethyst:   Headaches, eyes, scalp, hair, pituitary gland, balancing blood sugar, Endocrine, Pineal gland stabilize mental disorders, insomnia, headaches and other pain. 6th chakra. Reduce anger, negativity, impatience, and nightmares. overcoming addiction, guard against drunkenness Purify, promote prolific dreams, happiness, peace and self love. Inner alignment transmute enhance psychic abilities & imagery. Spiritually uplifting, divine love, inspiration and intuition.

Derived from Greek a- (privative) and methustès (“drunkard”) According to the Greek legend, Amethyst was a beautiful nymph whom Dionysos fell in love with; he pursued her and as he was about to catch her, she begged the goddess Artemis to save her. The goddess changed her into a beautiful and cold crystal in Dionysos’ arms. Remorseful, he poured his cup of wine on the top of the stone to give it its beautiful wine colour, making it a talisman to protect from drunkenness and protect chastity. The Hebrew word for amethyst is achlemah, meaning “that which gives pleasant dreams”.

Bloodstone:  An immensely powerful healing stone for all blood disorders heart and circulation. Purifies the blood, purges the liver to aid detoxification, supports blood pressure, and helps disperse clots and haemorrhages.  Bone marrow and iron deficiency. Base chakra: Reinforces self-belief, primal energy, improves talents and abilities, with courage and inner strength.  Vitality, energy, enhances clear thinking and stimulates emotional growth and feelings of safety.  Aids clairvoyance and admittance to the spiritual realms of our ancestors and blood line.

Blue Lace Agate:         Stimulates the thyroid gland and can thereby help to encourage growth
Strengthens the skeletal structure and helps mend breaks and fractures. Regulates the development of both fingernails and toenails. Removes blockages from the nervous system. Treats digestive disorders. Throat Charkra.  Stimulates analytical capabilities and discussions, promotes communications and ability to speak up. Helps discover truth, listen and accept fate. Blue Lace Agate is an excellent stone in helping you to reach higher spiritual spaces. Very inspirational, can help one enter into a high frequency state of awareness.

Carnelian:    Digestive system, stimulate appetite, gall bladder, pancreas, physical energise, regeneration, reproductive system, menstrual cramps, kidneys and bodily fluids. Sacral chakra: Creativity, confidence, assertiveness, drive, brings happiness and highten emotions, celebration, passion and sexuality. Stimulates friendship and socializing, pleasure and shared joy.  Carnelian is warm and loving, helping relieve negativity and become focused.

Hematite:    A “stone for the mind” helps nervous disorders and insomnia, balance and stabilization, alleviates  dramatic mood swings and irrational behaviour,  tumours, depression, is a natural source of Lithium, and anaemia. Promotes spinal alignment,  healing of fractured bones. 6th, 7th chakras Balances yin-yang energy,  brings transformation. Grounding, quietening, calming, reduces negativity,. Assists logical thinking and  mathematical pursuits. Helps you to realise that the only limitations there are, are those you create yourself.

Jade: Strengthens Heart, thymus, immune system, kidney and cleansing blood, nervous system. Aids fertility and female problems.  in eye disorders Courage, emotional balance, humility, generosity, harmony, wealth, longevity. Spiritually fosters justice, compassion knowledge.

Known as “Virtuous One” sacred stone in China, as it is known to be worn for promoting longevity and ensuring prosperity Jade was considered the “royal gem”. Exceptionally tough material, and was first used for things such as axe heads and knives  long history of ornamental and religious use in various countries. In ancient Egypt, jade was admired as the stone of love, inner peace, harmony and balance. Is still regarded as ‘good fortune & protective’ gem

Malachite: Excellent for bone formation, joint disorders, rhymatic pain and inflammation. Stomach, liver, kidney stones, respiratory system, immune system, vision, circulatory system. Works like a a copper braclet. Protection, detect impending danger, power, peace, love, success in business and worn to attract money. Release pain, depression, anger. Stimulate psychic vision, concentration. Promotes inner peace and hope, provides protection and security, harmony and balance

Louis XIV favoured this copper mineral that features a deep green and yellowish banding pattern. During the Middle Ages malachite was worn to protect from sorcery and black magic. It is the guardian stone of travellers. Derives its name (via Latin and French) from Greek molochitis, “mallow-green stone”, from molochē, variant of malachē, “mallow” a green herb

Moonstone: Absorbs pain and illness, like the Moon it regenerates and heals. Heals. Assists in maintaining hormonal balance, reproductive system and helps during and after childbirth. Heart chakra. Moonstone also has a holistic beneficial effect on all fluid systems in the body, as the Moon affect the tides, this womanly stone and can also be used to ease tension. Very calming, soothes over-sensitivity to situations. Prosperous stone, especially for lovers, sensuous and seductive. Brings out ones feminine side and helps you to become aware of your subconscious feelings, bring about sweet and beautiful dreams, confidence and composure. Wistful links to the moon, mystical and magical.

Obsidian:     Masculine healing qualities, bringing any imbalance to the surface, power to overcome physical disorders. Grounding stone both protective and stabilising, balance in times of change helping us to let go of the past, understanding of silence and solitude. As volcanic glass it cuts out subconscious blockages and inhibitions. It inspires penetration, power and promotes sharp mind.  Traditionally, Black Obsidian was the stone used for “gazing” or “scrying” strengthen powers of prophecy and provides us insight. Used in Shamanic ceremonies to “travel” and spiritual adventures.

Lapis Lazuli:  Skeletal system, throat, speech, Eustachian tube hearing, vertigo and dizziness, balances nervous system, Hypothalamus and pituitary, reducing inflammation, Strengthening the immune system, bone marrow and thymus. Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia 6th chakra. shyness Truth, Friendship and harmony, mind expansion, intuition, creativity,. Aids mental clarity, organization, quiet the mind and dispels stress.  Aids self expression and shyness. Awakens spiritual connection and communication, stimulates the higher consciousness and understanding, a stone of “Total awareness” and is said to have existed as long as the stars  that flicker in the dark blue sky. Assists in gaining access to unknown mysteries, sacred texts,planetary knowledge and nocturnal workings.

Quartz:      Versatile healer, excellent for the Brain, removes negative energy, draw out pain, amplify energy, restorative,  convulsions, dizziness, migraine, headaches, hemorrhages, tumours and hypochondria.. Amplifies, focuses, stores, focus, transmit and transforms energies.  Naturally harmonises and energizes, self esteem, and healing the wounds of a neglectful or abusive child hood, cleanse, balances. Universal conduit, open Crown Chakra meditation, initiates and strengthened psychic abilities, good for channelling.

One of the most common minerals on Earth,  Hexagonal structure, and ideal electrical conductivity  its used in microwaves, radio apparatus, watches and to fuse bones in America.  In ancient times it was used to make crystal balls and bowls to produce visions.

Red Jaspar: Helps tissue regeneration and sustain energy levels . Base chakra: Protecting and grounding stone, was carried to protect from evil. Nourishing kidneys, spleen, liver and stomach. Restore mineral balance of iron, sulphur, zinc and manganese. Helps sustain during periods of hospitalisation or illness. Grounding and balancing emotional energies. Sacred stone of Native American Indians highly revered for astral journeys and safe travel. Red Jasper can help you to recall your dreams.

Rose Quartz: The “Love Stone” passion, heat, healthy heart, promotes chest and respiration system, stimulates sexual organs and libido, and increases fertility. Also may help skin encourage a beautiful complexion, lush hair and strong nails…Heart chakra: Emotional balance, love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, kindness and self-love. Reduces loss, stress, hurt, jealousy,  resentment, anger. Alignment and astral bodies. Associated with the Goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros God of Love.

Tiger’s Eye:  Powerful restorer, heals wounds, bruises, with the mending of broken bones, trauma and shock after accidents.  Used for digestive issues, and disorders of the eyes and aids night vision.  Solar Plexus chakra. Focuses energy to meet challenges, control anger, inner strength of determination and bravery. Optimistic  and creative, Tigers Eye will enhances willpower, confidence and imagination for business, boosting mental clarity. Aids concentration for procrastinators, brings fire to the soul, radiating admiration for the pure, zealous and uninhibited.

Turquoise:   Aligns all chakras, Strengthens and calms the mind and body. “All Purpose” healing stone strengthens the immune system, helps absorption of nutrients, regeneration holistic health. 5th chakra.  Ancient talisman and protective stone, calming influence. It promotes self-realisation, and helps with creative problem solving. It has an “elevating” effect, will make you feel happy and relaxed, bringing luck and wisdom. Instils psychic powers when meditating and can unite the energies of the earth and the skies to promote healing for ones spirit, useful in shapeshifting.

The Greek name for it was kallalith (“beautiful stone”) then callais, and to the Arabs it is feyruz (“lucky stone”). Turquoise from Iran was sold to the Europeans by the Turks, hence the modern name of turquoise. ancient Aztecs in Mexico used it to decorate their ceremonial masks with this “holy stone” linking it to the Sun, who, according to legend, chased the Moon and Stars from the sky thanks to a turquoise serpent. The name of the Aztec fire god Xiuhtecuhtli means “master of turquoises”, that of the war god Vitzilopochtli means “prince of turquoises”. To Buddhists it is a sacred stone: when Buddha was attacked by a monster he was able to kill it with the magical powers of the turquoise he wore. Sacred to Native American’s medicine men and warriors, and carved in the shape of animals and birds. Turquoise is a copper aluminium phosphate significantly soft and sensitive, and should be protected from cosmetics, heat and bright daylight.

Not many people know that…

Did you know that Lasers shine red because their light is focused through a ruby

Did you know that renaissance artist used Malachite as a green pigment

Did you know that the ignition button on your gas cooker, is generated by two pieces of Quartz striking each other and causing a spark

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