Prevention of injury is the perfect model of health for any athlete whether professional or amateur. Generally you only seek help after a problem has made itself apparent. CHHC can give you the opportunity, to correct, improve and refine primary movement patterns, (Gait, Squatting, Lunging, Pulling, Pushing, Pressing and Rotating)  retaining your body to make it more efficient and coordinated, reduce the physically demand and defend against potential failures in function.

CHHC will LISTEN, LOOK, FEEL and EXPLAN… you know your body and we go to great lengths to listen and understand,  and assess the exact nature of your injury. The most frequent types of sports injuries are sprains (injuries to ligaments) strains (injuries to muscles), and stress fractures (injuries to bones). An acute injury CHHC use observation & palpatory skills, to appreciate muscle tension, knots or imbalances that affect joint integrity  or dysfunction which may influence movement. Analyse and explain what is affecting the movement or causing pain.

Your body adapts to the different demands and stresses that you place upon it, if you push it just a bit too far and then it hurts, or it doesn’t work properly or it breaks. Then your body needs time to heal. CHHC offer physiotherapeutic techniques that can help support your healing process including acupuncture, manual lymphatic drainage, massage and taping to promote healing and reduce pain. CHHC aim to get you back to normal, pain-free allowing  4-8 weeks of patience to allow the tissue to repair.

Protect yourself from injury:

  • Don’t over do training – take regular breaks
  • Wear the correct gear – correct fitting trainers & protective equipment
  • Strengthen and stretch your muscles – warm up and cool down properly
  • Pain no train – listen to your body do not play through pain
  • Protection of previous injuries – be aware of limitations
  • Cross train – avoid repetitive injuries and vary your exercises
  • Correct technique – lack of sports specific fitness
  • Drink plenty of water – before, during and after exercises
  • Balanced nutrition and health diet
  • SLEEP Well… don’t train tired

CHHC offer advice and exercise that can be used to refine your movement patterns to prevent reoccurrence of injury and maintain future health.

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