Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treatment gives your body the crucial support it needs for a full recovery after surgery. Research shows that MLD accelerates your healing process, decreases recovery time and combats infection by improving your circulation, increasing your metabolic rate and improving immunity.

Most reputable surgeon’s will advise their patients to get MLD post-surgery as without it there is a high risk that the inflammation will last longer and the swelling could turn into fibrosis, which is a permanent hardening of the area treated. MLD will ensure you achieve the best results possible by promoting skin elasticity and elimination of waste products, while stimulating the movement of lymphatic and other tissue fluids.

MLD is important no matter what surgery is completed whether it be plastic surgery, vaser liposuction or orthopaedic procedures such as arthroscopic knee surgery. After surgery the body’s lymphatic system is temporarily overloaded by the cascade of events and brings on the body’s inflammatory response to trauma. MLD treatment is designed to optimise the lymphatic system by clearing lymphatic pathways and collection ducts, which is critical to allow transportation of fluid.

Many people confuse Lymphatic Drainage with deep tissue massage when in fact it is very different. Evidence based MLD is a treatment that specifically targets the lymphatic networks gently and carefully. It should only be performed by specialist trained health professionals who have crucial knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system. MLD is not a painful technique which includes extremely gentle and light hand movements by highly skilled therapists who monitor results closely.

It would also be worth considering MLD treatment Pre Operation as it will boost your lymphatic system and positively influence healing, which can reduce the amount of post-surgical treatments required.

Most patients will require 8-12 treatments following surgical procedure, over a 2-3 week period but this will vary depending on your general health, area of treatment and adherence to self-management advice. We can schedule appointments that fit in with your life-style and commitments.

In summary:

  • MLD speeds up the healing process, reduces bruising, swelling and removes cellular waste
  • MLD improves the immune response, reducing inflammation and infection risks
  • MLD decreases build-up of fibrotic nodules and scarring while also improving skin texture and tone
  • MLD reduces pain, discomfort and sensitivity - helping to restore your equilibrium
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