You can benefit your staff and business by using our corporate Event Services which allow your company to really look after the holistic wellbeing of your employees. There is a wealth of evidence that supports the benefits of wellness programmes which support employees to live healthier lifestyles, enhance performance and boost productivity.

Value your employees – Boost your Business

Our expertise in physiotherapy enables us to offer employees and employers professional advice and information on work health. Our wellbeing events can help improve company image, build and sustain staff morale.

We can offer a range of activities that can be incorporated into your workplace such as:

  • A morning of seated acupressure with 10 min slots per employee
  • Half price monthly massage in the workplace
  • Reflexology for feet or hands to reduce stress
  • Group meditation to help focus the mind
  • 7 minutes of physical activity to stimulate the body at the workstation

These events help encourage employees and enable your business to drive employee engagement, motivation and loyalty. Employee have an increased feeling of value which results in better working environments and staff retention

Wellbeing talks, walks and health monitoring are all strategies that can be easily introduced into your work place. These are simple cost effective ways to provide positive effects on health and wellbeing that translate into reduced stress and absenteeism and a positive effect on job commitment.

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with your company to provide the necessary resources which maximise professional quality and workforce support.

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